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Dear Mespalilim,

During this past year we have Baruch Hashem continued to see tremendous growth in our Shul. The addition of minyanim, shiurim, and programs, are a sign of continued aliyah for the entire Tzibur. We underwent exciting physical improvements to our Shul building with more anticipated to come. We look forward, B’siyata D’Shmaya, to continued success and growth together as a Kehilla.

To keep our Shul running in a fashion that we have all come to expect is an expensive proposition. Needless to say, we must all attempt to continue to share in the costs of making that possible. Membership Dues and donations are crucial to enabling our Shul to meet its financial obligations.

For many years the Shul’s membership fee has been $800 a year. In truth, $800 per family is what is necessary to cover the annual budget. We thus ask those that are able, to please contribute the full annual membership of $800.

We do understand that some may be unable to contribute the full $800. We therefore encourage everyone to please contribute to the best of their abilities with the minimum membership rate set at $360.

We thank you in advance for your annual membership.
The Executive Board

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Mon, July 15 2024 9 Tammuz 5784