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About Us

For decades, B'nai Shalom was the sole remnant of authentic Yiddishkeit in Waterbury. Without our Shul, it is almost certain that not a single Orthodox Jew would have remained. Today, Baruch Hashem, our community is bustling with extraordinary mosdos. Yet, B'nai Shalom continues to stand out as a source of Torah and Tefilla for the families of our Kehilla. 

Our Shul is proud of its many shiurim, vaadim and programs that continue to infuse the Kehilla with Torah and Yiras Shamayim.  There are many daily shiurim including Daf Yomi and Shulchan  Aruch. There are morning and evening learning programs as well as a Sunday morning Mabit Shiur and breakfast. Every Wednesday evening the Rav gives a womens shiur. Speaking on a wide variety of topics, the Rav makes sure that every attendee returns home with something practical to focus on for the week.

There are two daily minyanim for Shacharis and three on Sunday. Everyday there is a Mincha/Maariv minyan in addition to two more minyanim for Maariv.

Shabbos is a special time in shul. Beginning with a warm leil Shabbos davening and Dvar Halacha, some mispallelim continue to visit the Rav in his home after the seudah to learn the Parshas Hashavua together. On Shabbos morning there are two shacaris minyanim. One, the regular Shabbos morning minyan is followed by a delicious Kiddush and Dvar Torah. The other minyan is a hashkama minyan designed specifically to allow its mispallelim to have a seder limud before returning home for the Shabbos seudah. The Shul's Seudah Shlishis is a high point of the wee, when the Rav delivers passionate divrei chizuk for all bnei torah.

In 2000, Rabbi Yosef Sonnenschein moved to Waterbury together with his family, to join the kollel of the newly established Yeshiva of Waterbury. A musmach of Yeshiva Rabbi Chaim Berlin, Rabbi Sonnenschein spent a number of years, both before and after his chasuna, leaning in Yeshivas Pachad Yitzchock in Yerushalayim under the leadership of Harav Yonasan David Shlit’a. Upon arriving in Waterbury, Rabbi Sonnenschein immediately began delivering shiurim in the Yeshiva and eventually became one of its senior Rabbeim.

In 2006, after the previous Rabbi retired, B’nai Shalom decided to hire a temporary part time Rabbi to fill the position until a suitable candidate could be found. Rabbi Sonnenschein was asked to fill this position. What began a s a part time position soon became full time as the needs of the a growing community demanded a Rav who was always available and ready to serve its members. Rabbi Sonnenschein is well known for his dynamic and thought provoking shiurim and drashos. Additionally, many families in our Kehilla depend upon him for psak and for person eitzos. Additionally, rabbi Sonnenschein has been instrumental in many Kehilla projects such as the opening of the Bais Yaakov High School and giving shiurim and psakim to the members of Hatzalah. In addition to his own Rabbeim, Rabbi Sonnenschein has developed relationships with Rabbonim and Rabbeim both in Eretz Yisrael and the U.S. He especially cherishes his kesher with Rav Elya Brudny Shlit’a, Rav Reuvein Leuchter Shlit’a, and Rav Yosef Elefant Shlit’a.

B’nai Shalom is truly fortunate that Rabbi Sonnenschein serves as its Mar D’Asra.

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